Many of us are familiar with Feng Shui, the Oriental art of placement, where the arrangement of your living environment to allow smooth flow of chi through your home.

Reiki Feng Shui deals with healing, it is normally practiced for self-healing or to heal other people. Other than it can enhance your meditation practice, it can clear the negative energy of a home or workplace. Old arguments will be cleared out, blockages in the home and in life will be released. The heavy, stagnant or uncomfortable energy will be released. Protect your home or workplace from negative energies and not pick up other people’s tension with Reiki Feng Shui.

There are contradictions of Reiki Feng Shui with some situations or people who you should not treat with Reiki Feng Shui. Some of them are pregnant women, people with broken bones or torn muscles, babies, diabetic, people with cancer. There are more restrictions from different generations, however, these do not have proper evidence that can support the restrictions.

Reiki Feng Shui is purely an unconditional love that is divinely inspired and intelligent. It is safe and draws the energy to the right places.

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