Anyone who excessively consumes caffeine on a regular basis can experience this.

People who suffer a caffeine headache feel the pain behind the eyes and then radiates to the forehead. This can trigger a migraine that can make the pain more debilitating.

There are 5 causes of a caffeine-induced headache: caffeine withdrawal, varied caffeine consumption, caffeine overdose, caffeine sensitivity, and caffeine allergy.

Caffeine withdrawal is experienced by those people who are ongoing for a detox from caffeine. Even a small decrease in caffeine consumption can result in a mild headache. There is some caffeine that can induce a headache, due to the fact that it is another brand of caffeine. Too much caffeine consumed in a short period of time can also induce a headache.

How to cure a caffeine headache?

The person suffering from a caffeine-induced headache should evaluate and assess their recent caffeine consumption. Pain medications are sometimes given to relieve a headache. Dehydrate! Drink plenty of water. Avoid medications, beverages, and foods with caffeine.

There are two preventive measures for a caffeine headache:  consume the same amount of caffeine every day and consume none to very little caffeine. It is either to gradually cut off the caffeine consumption or eliminate caffeine from the diet completely.

Energy surrounds us. We cannot see it, but we can feel the energy flowing in and around us. Did you know that Reiki Feng Shui can help you relieve a caffeine-induced headache?

A Reiki headache reliever treatment is effective and can be used anywhere, anytime. So, how does this healing treatment work?

If you are treating another person, it is best if the patient is sitting, or lying down. The steps are:

Place both of your hands on each side of the head at the back cupping the skull. This step can help release the tension from the neck and balances the energy in the brain.

Place one hand on the forehead, and the other hand on the base of the skull, cradling the head firmly.

Lastly, gently place one hand across the eyebrows covering your eyes. The other hand will be placed on top of the head, touching the first hand. Hold the position firmly, this step helps dispel emotional stress.

Another treatment can be shiatsu headache reliever, it helps prevent and relieve headaches. It is simple, sit in a relaxed position, gently massage your temples using small circular movements, and keep your elbows dropped down.

Drink water during the next 24 hours after the Reiki treatment to aid the detoxification process. Pain can miraculously disappear from ailments, especially from headaches or backaches.

You can give Reiki massage to yourself or to someone any time of the day. It is found helpful to help the body relax and unwind. Be open to the healing powers and let the energy flow through you. The energy will go to the energy chakra that it is needed.

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